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Updated: Jan 5

Hello from your New Wedding Coordinator Team. We have finally launched and we are so excited to finally share our new brand and website with you! Welcome to Concept Coordination, the only Wedding Coordination and Wedding Planner assistance in the UK.

Concept Coordination Wedding Coordinator

So we wanted to talk a little bit about us, how we work and what we are bringing to the wedding industry that is new and innovative for the upcoming year.

As experienced wedding planners, both myself and Cass have been in the wedding industry combined for over 10 years. Between the two we have found our love for working as a team and bringing a couples vision to life. We understand the hard work that goes into planning your own wedding and once you've completed the process, you really don't want to be worrying about it on your wedding day. You can find more about our history here.

It takes a lot to be able to pass control over to somebody else, especially when you understand your vision and have imagined in your mind what your venue will look like on the day. It isn't easy to explain to family members what you want, and without that experienced knowledge in the wedding planning industry, it becomes more stressful for you, and your family members to try and do this. We take the time to meet with you, visit your wedding venue and create your vision on your wedding day.

It's important to ensure a smooth process when coordinating your wedding. In our experience, there are many venues that offer an on-site coordinator, but please be assured this is completely different to a wedding coordinator. We not only liaise with your suppliers directly, we ensure if anything goes wrong behind the scenes it is dealt with quickly and effeciently. We go above and beyond from getting you into your wedding dress, creating bouquets for brides at the last minute, putting buttonholes onto groomsmen and we even go as far as to clean and tidy your bridal suite before you head on back to finally wind down.

It's our job to ensure not only you are happy, but your guests, wedding suppliers and ultimately the venue is happy. We understand contracts, the strict rules regarding listed buildings and will ensure these are followed on coordination day.

We've also launched our Wedding Planner Assistance service, which is exclusively for wedding planners in the industry. We know as experienced wedding planners you can't coordinate effectively on your own, it isn't physically possible to be in two places at once, and this is always the case on wedding weekend! We offer a fixed fee to work alongside you to create an on-the-day management team for your wedding business. We understand that you have a strict reputation to keep up, so we work closely with you to understand the way you work and ensure a smooth process with assisting.

If you'd like to find out more about our services and if we can help you, you can email us on

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