Whatever the Weather - Summer Sun

Hello Darlings, with summer just around the corner, we thought we would write a Whatever the Weather - Summer Sun edition post. We want to bring you some tops tips and ideas that help you and your guests keep cool in the summer sun. As well as the all-important rain plan B, it’s just as important to think of a plan for if it’s scorching hot! Thinking ahead will ensure that all your guests and indeed yourself, keep cool and calm on your wedding day.


We are sure at some point you have attended a summer wedding and whilst waiting for the ceremony to start, been too hot and needing a drink! This is especially pertinent if you are having an outdoor ceremony.

You could have kilner jars with fresh water and jazz it up with some fresh fruit, we have tried some combinations of orange and thyme, strawberry and basil, lemon and mint….you could choose one or have a mixture dotted around the venue.

Another idea is to pop bottles of water under each seat.


Its absolutely a good idea to check what shade is available at your venue, especially if you have elder or incredibly young guests. If there is no natural shade, do consider hiring some furniture and created a super cool chill out area with a covering.


As coordinators we carry little battery-operated fans in our kit, they have been super useful on so many occasions! You could consider a basket of these, but we don’t think they are that pretty to look at!

How about creating your order of the day as a paper fan? You can have your words printed onto it and leave it on the guest’s chairs. Alternatively, you could personalise them in some way, perhaps your names and date of the wedding.


You could have these dotted around the venue in umbrella stands, there are several options, pure white or ivory, or perhaps something more colourful and brighter. We think you could have some lovely photographs using the parasols as well.

Ice Creams & Lollies

You could incorporate an ice cream van or tricycle onto your day, a welcome cool break in the mid-afternoon sun.

Flip Flops

Personalised flip flops are always welcome for ladies in heels! How nice would it be to kick of those shoes and dance the night away? Also, feet can swell in the heat, so it would keep them refreshed.

Air Conditioning

If you are having a marquee event, do consider hiring an air conditioning unit. Marquees can have sides that role up, but this is only sufficient if there is a slight breeze. Too much of a breeze and it becomes an annoyance and guests must hang on to their table centres!


You know here at Concept Coordination we LOVE details, consider adding to your bathroom baskets sunscreen, hair bobbles, antihistamines, some blotting papers and some cooling fresh rose water.

These are a few of our top tips to keep your summer wedding nice and cool for everyone, if you would like to read about how to prepare for rain, pop over to HERE.

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