What goes on during a wedding drinks reception?

Happy Monday darlings, today on the blog we want to share with you, what goes on during a wedding drinks reception? We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to begin the planning process again this week. We've heard this question a few times from couples so thought we'd share the answers here for you, so lets get into it...

It's no surprise when planning your wedding for the first time, you type into google, what goes on during a wedding drinks reception? Unless you've been to lots of weddings previously, you're unlikely to know this information yourself. Besides, do you really sit there watching was goes on during a wedding drinks reception? You will more than likely be getting merry and talking with old friends.

Confetti Shot

It tends to be around this time that the wedding photographer will arrange for their confetti shot to be taken, it's the easiest time before everyone get's let loose on the alcohol. The day is early and guests are still willing to listen, so it is easier to guide people to one location. Drinks don't tend to come out until after the confetti shot is complete, but rest assured, waiters will be on hand ready to pour those drinks.

Wedding Drinks Served

Wedding Drinks will be served during the reception at this point, they tend to be served for around 1 hour 30 on average. Some weddings will have the bar open to guests at this point, so you can either purchase additional drinks or choose from a free bar. It isn't normal etiquette to have a free bar with millennial weddings, so don't feel pressured to have one for your guests.

Canapés Served

This is always one of the guests favourite parts of the day, guests are hungry by this point as they've skipped breakfast thinking they will be having a big wedding meal, forgetting that the wedding breakfast doesn't actually start until 5pm! (Why is it still called wedding breakfast when it's the evening?) The wedding drinks reception is in full swing by this point, and the canapés will follow with their smells drifting into your nose, making you want to grab as many as possible!

Turning the Reception Room Around

What goes on behind the scenes that nobody see's a wedding coordinator do? Well here at Concept Coordination, whilst one team member is ensuring drinks and canapés are constantly refilled for guests, other team members are turning the reception room around. Putting tables together, carrying heavy items, styling the tables, adding florals. There is so much involved when a room needs to be turned around. This is such a time consuming job and if you are having a dry hire venue (especially a Sussex wedding), remember this will not be included and a number of your guests will need to do this. Not ideal for your wedding day! That's why couples hire us to take care of all of that, let you and your guests enjoy the day.

Your Wedding Receiving Line

This part of the day tends to end the wedding drinks reception, but it can be a long lengthy process. Traditionally guests are lined up to enter the room where the wedding breakfast will be served, this gives guests the opportunity to speak and meet with the newlyweds before their grand entrance into the wedding reception room. This can take in excess of 30 minutes, it is important to include this with your timeline or speak to your wedding coordinator about this to ensure timings are correct for food servings.

If you are having a Sussex wedding or Kent wedding and needing a wedding coordinator to help organise your wedding day, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quotation. We'd love to hear from you and your wedding plans!

| Photo Credit - Holly Cade Photography | Planning - Illy Elizabeth Weddings | Decor - To Have & To Hire |

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