What does an On the Day Management team do and why would I want one?

Happy Monday Darlings, so today we are blogging about a question that arises with lots of engaged couples, what does an on the day management team do and why would I want one? The unfortunate reality is that a lot of people realise last minute they need help, when it's too late to get a coordinator booked in. We've put together some information if you are indecisive about hiring a wedding coordinator.

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We often hear people say, ‘oh I don’t need a coordinator – I will do it all myself!’ But we just wanted to share with you some real-life problems that we have come across on the day. You have to think of the value it brings to the process and indeed the day and we wouldn’t offer this service if we did not truly believe in the value. Yes, friends and family could help out but they are not professionals and certainly not trained to deal with problems and there are many they can arise! You really have to have a cool, clear head and very logical approach. Whilst the problems themselves are not the end of the world, how do you think it would make you feel on your wedding day to have the worry and panic of solving them? So below you will find several real problems that we, as planners and coordinators have had to solve without disturbing the bride and groom. We will give you the solutions that were a result of quick-thinking problem solving at the bottom!

Problem 1: The Venue is a marquee in a field. The caterer arrives after 4 days of torrential rain and inevitably gets stuck. So what do you do to solve this?

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Problem 2: The marquee has leaked water and the generator is not working. What should we do?

Problem 3: The bride specifically wants the nibbles/canapes outside, but it is threatening to rain again. The bride is at the house getting ready. Who is going to help?

Problem 4: Cars have started to arrive and were meant to be parking in the field, who will redirect them and coordinate this?

Problem 5: The bride is serving high tea, but the lids of the teapot are nowhere to be seen. The caterer cannot locate the wine, the planner is at the church with the couple, how do we find them?

Problem 6: The caterer’s staff do not appear to have been briefed. Who will do this and make sure that the tables are served correctly and that no one is out of wine?

Problem 7: It’s nearing the evening and there are over 300 tealights to light, half of which are waterlogged, they need drying and the wicks made prominent, who is going to do this?

Problem 8: The band have just arrived and are refusing to enter into the waterlogged field, who is around to deal with this?

Solution 1: As an On-The-Day Management Team we called down to the local farm and asked if the farmer could come and help a damsel in distress! He came along in his big red tractor with a huge hay bale. Firstly, he towed to caterer out and then he lay all of the hay down to soak up the excess rain so that other suppliers could enter the field.

Solution 2: Our On-The-Day Management Team were on site early so we could do our best to soak up puddles in the marquee. We of course tested the electricity supply and as soon as we could see it was not working, we used our contact sheet (list of everyone involved in the wedding – from the wedding party to suppliers) and he talked us through how to reset it.

Solution 3: The nibbles could not be put outside as they would most definitely get wet! As coordinators we make decisions based on sensibility and even though the details are paramount, alternative solutions must be considered if it’s at a detriment to the canapes! So, we arranged for them to be put next to the martini table and instructed the waiting staff to walk round and offer them out once the guests had arrived.

Solution 4: Us as a On-The-Day Management Team coordinated this. We absolutely insist on having a team for the day if the venue and reception are in 2 locations, and also for the fact that one of us may be called away at any time for more pressing issues. This particular time needed management as the field was too wet to let the cars in, so alternative parking needed to be found so our team organised this.

Solution 5: Teamwork! At this point one of us was needed at the marquee so a team member went to the house to look for the lids, whilst we looked in the marquee and catering tent. The lids were located in the shed at the house and bought down whilst the wine was hiding underneath some trestle tables. We kept in constant communication with our walkie talkies!

Solution 6: The fact that the caterer had not briefed the team, was very concerning so we took this upon ourselves to ensure that we managed the client’s expectation. Another member of the team gave a quick demonstration of how to open the wine and pour.

Solution 7: You get the picture now….US!!! Armed with plenty of long lighters, (all provided by us in our handy ‘Wedding kit’!) We were able to light these discreetly and quickly for that gorgeous evening ambience!

Solution 8: Being that the marquee was in a private field, we had arranged for security at the gate so he was able to call us on the radio so that one of us could go and assist, with some conversation and empathy we managed to to get them on board and into the marquee – and they were fabulous!

In summary, we do hope that you can see from these real examples problems that we have faced, just how important our On-The-Day Management Team were to the smooth running of the day. And the brides and grooms had wonderful relaxed day’s and knew nothing of the dramas! Some of the couples did not have a plan B. This is now not an option as we insist our couples have one! Unfortunately, whilst we can control many things, we can’t control the weather! But we CAN problem solve and give you that stress-free day that is remembered for all the right reasons.

We would love to hear from you. If you would like a no obligation consultation with us, please email info@conceptcoordination.com

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