What could a wedding look like after lockdown?

Hello Darlings, over the weekend, myself and Cass have wondered, what could a wedding look like after lockdown? So after our discussion, we decided to write a blog post giving you our opinion of what a wedding might look like after lockdown. I think it's clear to see that as we move closer and closer to the re-opening of wedding events, new rules will be in place to ensure safety of all of your guests. We will soon all be in wedding season again!

Social Distancing at Weddings

Whilst it can be easier to keep social distancing at non-religious ceremonies, the religious ceremonies can be more difficult. The reason being is with a church, for example, you are restricted to the area and the ceremony cannot take place elsewhere. With a non-religious ceremony you will find that you could start to plan an outdoor ceremony that will allow your guests to keep to social distancing rules and regulations. There is currently a three-stage plan for opening churches here in the UK, so as more news comes out we will be able to plan ceremonies better.

Reduced alcohol consumption

I know we don't like the sound of this, but unfortunately when drinks are flowing, we are less likely to follow rules. You become more friendly, speak closer and generally a little careless (some of us). By having reduced alcohol consumption at your wedding these will allows guests to be less inclined to break social distancing rules. Our suggestion would be to gift bottle of alcohol to your guests so they can leave the wedding venue and enjoy the rest of their drinks at home in a safe environment.


Sharing platters may quickly become a thing of the past with new hygiene rules come into place. Before guests are seated they will need to hand sanitise, as well as offering this option on wedding tables. Three course meals will become more popular as they have to be served, therefore, reducing the risk of contamination. Dessert stations may become a thing of the past too, you cannot risk having desserts left out, with people who could potentially spread the coronavirus near these areas.


Guests may have to be sanitised upon arrival, even children. There will be hand gels ready for guests to ensure clean hands before they attend the ceremony, with the rest being placed around the venue for guests easy access. Staff costs may be higher as toilets will have to be regularly checked after each person.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Smaller Weddings

We may see an increase in smaller weddings with less guests over the course of the year. Events may become limited to 50 per wedding, therefore reducing the risk of spreading the virus. This is more than likely what a wedding could look like after lockdown. The good news is this will reduce costs of catering at weddings and you can spend in other areas, such as decor and florals. It may not be so bad after all!

Reduced Wedding Entertainment

We may find that wedding entertainment may have to be reduced at weddings, this includes DJ's, Bands, Magicians and many more. It doesn't mean you can't have them, it just means the logistics will have to be thought through properly, ensuring that social distancing can be kept at weddings at all times.

If you need any further help or advice on planning your coordination for your wedding post-lockdown then please feel free to get in touch. We offer no-obligation quotations and are here to answer all your questions.

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