Wedding Florals of the Month - May

Happy Friday Darlings, we know it's always a tricky task sourcing what florals are available when, so we've brought you a blog post on Wedding Florals of the Month - May. The Concept Team will be bringing you monthly ideas on which florals are available for that month, so you can plan ahead for your weddings. Whether you are getting married in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, we've got you covered. So let's get into this months florals...


We LOVE peonies, and there is no surprise there as one of the most popular wedding florals to work with. Although they can be on the pricier side, it is well worth the cost. Peonies look beautiful in bloom on your wedding day and work well in larger bouquets. They come in a range of colours but most common are white shades and pink. Our favourite colour for peonies are the simple white/cream coloured ones. They can be incorporated into any colour scheme, that's why we love them so much.


If you are planning a more rustic/outdoor type wedding, then the cornflower is perfect for you as its traditionally a wild flower. They tend to be a gorgeous bright blue colour and not too big a floral. They can be easily added into your rustic bouquet to add a colour pop and definition, whilst keeping costs low. The name Cornflower actually came from it's origin, they used to grow as a weed in the corn fields. A perfect name for a perfect flower.

Stargazer Lillies

We are partial to a colourful and bold bouquet, that's why we've included the Stargazer Lily flower. May is when they are most commonly available so perfect for a bright summer wedding. They come in a range of colours but we like the bold pink/purple colour with white aspects. The floral itself is quite large, so if you have an idea of a larger bouquet in mind, these will work perfectly. One point to mention is that they are highly toxic to cats, so keep them well away. They always remind us of a tropical wedding bouquet, we love summer colours!


These beauties can't take the cold, so are grown annually here in the UK. They can be sourced overseas but come at a hefty cost, which is why it's best to use them when planning a May wedding. The flower itself actually symbolises appreciation and gratitude, how sweet is that? The Lisianthus flower comes in shades of pink, purple and white, they are very delicate looking so work well in an elegant, traditional wedding bouquet.


A very popular flower and very well heard of when it comes to choosing your wedding day bouquet. The freesia comes in a range of colours but we are fond of both the white and purple tones. Again, they are a delicate floral which can be incorporated into a more rustic looking bouquet. The freesia floral is very sweet-smelling and with subtle notes of honey and mint, scrumptious! They blossom in May and grow over the winter in the UK., which makes them the perfect early summer flower.

Wedding Florals of the Month - May Moodboard Photo Credit - Lily Lupin Floral Design, Marching Fox Studio & Unsplash

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