Wedding Florals of the Month - June

Hello Darlings, Happy Hump Day, today we are bringing you our Wedding Florals of the Month - June. Each month we will bring to you Wedding Florals of the Month, to help with your choosing when it comes to wedding florals. We love to delve into the meaning of flowers as well as just selecting for the colour and scent. There are many flowers in season now, so here are a few of our favourite wedding flowers here at Concept!

Sweet Peas – Appreciation-Departure

These gorgeous little flowers look effortlessly beautiful in a country style bouquet. They are perfect for a handtied posy as they are not a structured flower - their butterfly appearance and sweet fragrance are delightful. They come in a fantastic range of colours, we are sure that you will find one to fit your theme.

During the Victorian era they featured heavily at weddings and we can see why! They were also often given as a gift at the end of a visit to a friend, so they became known as a symbol of happy times with friends.

Honeysuckle -Devoted affection-fidelity

This beautifully scented flower is a climber, its blooms are creamy yellow and pink and again, we could see this in a very wild style bouquet. It grows in the wild and transforms its surroundings into a place of floral enchantment.

In Scotland it was traditional to use the honeysuckle in decorations and garlands for wedding ceremonies as it represented the love that holds on in good and bad times. In folklore around Europe, if there is a honeysuckle blossoming near your home it foretells a wedding within one year… hello! I have one outside my frontdoor! (Cass says with delight)

The Rose – Love-Romance

Well we couldn’t mention wedding flowers without including the ultimate romantic flower! Of course, the one we think of is the red rose, but what if this doesn’t fit with your scheme? Well the good news is that the range of colours is off the scale, however, don’t ever give someone 4 roses as its considered unlucky! Here is the summary of the meanings of the other colours:

White - You are heavenly – charm, humility, innocence

Pale pink – You are so lovely – Grace, happiness

Combination of the two above – I love you and I always will

Lilac – I am enchanted by you – Love at first sight

Coral – Getting together – Sincerity, a pact

Deep Pink – Thank you – Gratitude

Orange – I want you – Desire

Jasmine – Beauty-Grace-Elegance

A lovely little star shaped flower with a very heady scent, most intoxicating at night, and said to be an aphrodisiac. It originated in the foothills of the Himalayas and was immensely popular with royalty.

In India, it was given as a religious offering symbolising divine hope and has long since been used in Indian weddings as garlands.

The Hindus gave it a beautiful name, moonlight of the grove.

The meanings do differ depending on colour, and where abouts in the world you are, but for this delicate little bloom with its intense scent we don’t really think it matters!

Sunflower – Loyalty, Adoration, Happiness, Longevity

Nothing screams summer as much as the glorious sunflower! Its magnificent bloom just like the sun, conjures up images of wheat fields, hazy summer days and a romantic country wedding.

The symbolism of loyalty is attributed to the fact that it turns its head to follow the sun and is also why it’s the flower chosen for a third wedding anniversary.

A western folklore belief was that if a girl put 3 seeds down her back, she would marry the first boy she met…hmm we are not convinced this would ever work!

We hope you have enjoyed our June edition of flowers and we will be back for July.

Photo Credit - Lily Lupin Floral Design & Canva

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