Wedding Florals of the Month - July

Happy Monday Darlings, we thought we'd start this week off with Wedding Florals of the Month - July. Weddings in July can be a little temperamental in regards to the weather here in the UK. What you can guarantee though is that you will have beautiful blooms throughout your whole wedding weekend. With so many new florals coming into season this month, we are sharing with you our top favourites for some wedding floral inspiration.


Carnations are well known for being "filler" flowers for a wedding bouquet, however we feel like they have a lot more purpose as they are so beautiful. The Carnation flower comes in so many different colours so it gives you a wide palette to work from. They are perfect for a bohemian themed bridal bouquet, offering an elegant yet rustic look. Matched with a hand-dyed silk to wrap around your bouquet, you will have something truly beautiful.

Ammi Majus

We've recently fallen in love with Ammi Majus. It is everywhere at the moment in the UK, once you know the flower you can't miss it. They often grow quite tall against roadsides or general wild grown areas. Their white detail makes a perfect addition to any floral bouquet style. It's a great alternative to babysitting wreath and you get more flower! Definitely a go-to for a minimalistic tablescape idea.


If you are getting married in July, pick a dahlia for your bouquet at all costs. These florals are truly exceptional, they are known for their delicate textures and intricate style. Your wedding day photos will look incredible with a dahlia taking stage in your floral bouquet. You will find the Dahlia flower does not have a strong scent, which could work out quite well if you're having a customised fragrance at your wedding. The Dahlia floral comes in a range of colours, so again, possibilities are endless.


We are so excited to feature the Delphinium flower in this months Wedding Florals of the Month - July edition. The delphinium is known for standing tall and bringing plenty of colour to its appearance. These are used quite often for making statement aisle pieces, creating landscape along your aisle and giving your guests a beautiful concept to look at. They work really well in bouquets too, we know a number of florists that adore working with Delphinium in bouquets. It brings something different and unique to the table.


Roses, roses and more roses. We know you love roses as do we, that's why they are in the blog post this month. Roses generally are available all year round and are a very popular floral to work with. Don't underestimate using these in your floral bouquet, whether you are just using them as a filler or a statement piece, you can definitely have a lot of possibilities with this. The fragrance from roses is very fresh, we could smell roses all day! The pink dusky rose is a very popular option for many couples.

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