Venue SOS - 10 Tips you need to know before selecting your Wedding Venue.

Welcome Darlings and Happy Monday, today we are giving you 10 top tips to finding your wedding venue, and some insider tips to ensure that you are confident booking your venue. It the biggest part of your budget and the second job you should be doing once you have confirmed your budget. The logistics of the venue will be one of the most important things you will sort out for your wedding, it requires a lot of research and questions to be presented to your chosen venue. We can't quite believe we are moving into July already! Summer is here, and it is extremely unusual for us to not be in full swing with the wedding season, so less of us rambling on, let's get into the post...

No 1: Location, Location, Location! Together, decide on where it is that you would like to marry. In your local parish, where you grew up, abroad, perhaps even somewhere that specifically meaningful for the both of you. If you have family travelling from abroad, it may be easier to locate a venue near to a popular airport, where there is plenty of accommodation.

No 2: Now that you have a clear idea on where, start to thing of the style of wedding venue you would like. Barn, country house, outdoor? Relaxed, formal? Make sure you choose something that represents you as a couple and that you BOTH make the decision. Remember, with dry hire venues you get lots of flexibility in choosing what you want for your wedding day. With in-house venues most of them work with one catering company which can restrict a lot of options for you.

No 3: Do your research, visit the venue on an open day and be sure to find out what other people are saying. Most importantly, keep an open mind. We would suggest seeing a variety of venues that suit your requirements, if you fall in love with the first one, we recommend visiting a few more just to be sure. That said, keep the final visits to around 5 as it will start to become very tedious rather than an enjoyable experience.

No 4: Go along to the visit armed with the questions that are most important to you; do they allow naked flames, fireworks or confetti? Is it a listed building? Will they let you choose your own suppliers? Is there plenty of parking? Ask exactly what is included in the package; linens, tables, crockery etc to avoid any surprise costs. Make sure you go in plenty of time as venues do get booked up quickly.

BUDGET HACK: If you are not worried about having a Saturday wedding in peak season then check out the weekday deals. Similarly, most venues offer last minute deals which could be prefect if you are having a more intimate do.

No 5: Think about your wedding photographs, does the venue have lots of opportunities to get some variety in them? Do they have a plan B space available if the weather is bad? These are permanent reminders of your special day so make sure that its perfect for you.

No 6: Food – If the venue has an on-site caterer, perhaps a restaurant make sure you go for a meal their first to check out the food, service and detail. If no restaurant is available do arrange for a tasting, they come standard with most caterers and allows you to taste the food to ensure you've chosen the correct venue. Be careful, you only get one food taster!

No 7: Do consider the practicalities of where the venue is, if no on-site accommodation are there enough hotels/inns nearby to accommodate your guests and also how easy is it to get to. Consider how much it would cost for a taxi to get to a hotel and if this is ok for your guests. Also check exclusivity, will it just be your wedding on the day.

No 8: Does it tick the boxes and feel right for you both? Then get booking! It’s like buying a house, we think when you know, you know! Be ready to be flexible if your preferred date is already taken. Don't be disheartened if your chosen date is taken, the venue will work with you to choose something that fits around your schedule.

No 9: Ensure you check details such as noise restrictions and the timings. Some venues for example are not allowed live music and some will have time limits if they do. Timings wise, check when you can have access to the venue before the day and what time they expect guests to leave as again; some have strict limits and it might not fit in with your expectations.

No 10: READ THE SMALL PRINT, this is the best advice we can give you; it will make it really clear what’s included and what’s not. It will make sure there are no hidden surprises or extras and if there are things that you can negotiate with the venue.

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