Top 5 New Wedding Trends for 2020

It's Tuesday again darlings and we bring to you the Top 5 New Wedding Trends for 2020. New Wedding Trends are always fun and we love seeng the Weddings that couples have created when we coordinate for them. We get asked often what trends we are seeing, so we are bringing next years Wedding Trends to you in this blog post.

Minimalist Wedding Decor

If you're still designing a rustic wedding, we've got bad news for you unfortunately... that trend has now passed. Good news being, it's about modern minimalism, which you can incorporate simple country details to personalise your wedding design. Instagram as we know it has a heavy influence over each and every couple planning their wedding, there is tons of inspiration there that will let ideas flow for your minimalist wedding design. Keep stationery simple and clean, keep colours simple and go wild with florals for your Top 5 New Wedding Trends for 2020.

Creative Wedding Cakes

We are moving on from the naked cakes to more creative masterpieces that reflect you as a couple and your wedding design. A great way to do this is by incorporating your wedding florals into the cake design, you can use fresh or faux, but we are partial to a fresh floral wedding cake. The cake is fast becoming the important feature of your wedding day and you don't want to disappoint your guests. Tiers, tiers and more tiers, the bigger and more extravagant, the better!

Eco Friendly Weddings

It comes as no surprise that Eco Friendly Weddings come in the Top 5 New Wedding Trends for 2020. We know how important the environment is to you and especially with millennials of today. There are many ways in which you can make your wedding eco-friendly, from natural dried flowers for your wedding confetti to using a secondhand wedding dress. We've even done weddings where couples have created their own florals sourced and grown at their own homes. Recycled paper stationery is another way to incorporate this, possibilities are endless.

Sharing Platters

A lot of you we worked with last year had sharing platters and this is quickly becoming the most popular way to dine on your wedding weekend. It's becoming more about celebration as a family and sharing platters are the perfect way to do this. It not only gets your guests talking but it gives guests options to choose from. There are so many suppliers that create beautiful instagram-ready presentations of the food for your wedding tables, it's just a no brainer right? Sharing platters had to be in our Top 5 New Wedding Trends for 2020.


Smell is becoming more and more important to couples as we want to be more unique when it comes to the wedding design element. New companies are creating personalised fragrances for your wedding, where you and your partner can pick a fragrance designed specifically for your wedding. Creating candles, favours and even special room sprays that can be set off to ensure the fragrance fills your wedding room at all times. Florals are also a great way to bring those smells to your wedding table, fresh, fragrant and colourful.

There are so many wonderful suppliers and inspirational posts on instagram, if you'd like to follow us on instagram for some wedding inspiration just add @conceptcoordination. We love to share with our followers many hints and tips for the perfect wedding.

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