Mood Board of the Month - Hot Pink Styling

Good Morning Darlings, as we creep towards the end of the week, we've got our Mood Board of the Month - Hot Pink Styling blog post to share with you. There is a lot of uncertainty in our world at the moment, especially with such important changes happening so close to home. We want to share with all of our clients and followers that each and every one of you, mean so much to both myself and Cass. Our clients come from many different nationalities and different religions, and it brings so much joy every year to see our couples getting married.

Mood Board of the Month - Hot Pink Styling

The Concept

The concept behind this months mood board started out with pineapples. Yes, you heard right, pineapples. Why? Well wedding planners find their inspiration from all different types of things, but for us personally its objects. We base our designs around the object we've chosen and begin piecing together the puzzle from there. We also wanted bold statements to shine through our theme, as a pineapple is quite bold right? So we incorporated black and white stripes with a hot pink colour palette. We wanted a festival/rustic theme to the style so we had Colour Pop Occasions work their magic and style the chiavari chairs seen in the photo above.

The Palette

We wanted bold, so that's what we created for our hot pink styling. Hot pink was the main colour that was used throughout the styling of the shoot, from there we chose to compliment with a more subtle pink, a bright yellow, orange and white. This was our basis for what elements we would work with to create the design of the pineapple wedding. We compliment the palette by adding a black and white striped runner which was the basis design for the table decor. Colour, colour and more colour!

The Florals

A florist dream to work with crazy colours sometimes! We had the pleasure with working with Amanda Jane Flowers, she chose such a beautiful selection of florals to compliment our bride and our pineapples. The Matricaria Yellow we hadn't seen before, and we fell in love straight away. It sat right next to the Yellow Perennial, Pink Gerberas and Roses. It is so important to ensure your florist can compliment your wedding design, whatever theme you decide to choose.

The Decor

Our favourite ladies at Colour Pop Occasions are always a pleasure to work with. We gave them our mood board concept and they quickly created something spectacular for us to work with. Their expertise are hanging installations and they certainly transformed the venues with bright pinks, whites and oranges. There tiki bar was perfect for our tropical setting, of course we had to compliment our black and white striped runner with the black and white striped pillows!

Extra Tips

Pinterest is going to be your holy grail for pulling together design themes. Remember, choose your object first and work with your palette after. If colour is your priority then choose your colour scheme first and work around that.

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