How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

Good Morning Darlings, today on the blog we want to share our knowledge with you on how to throw a virtual wedding during this lockdown season. We can't quite believe it's already the 1st of June, normally we'd be in full swing wedding season by now. Fear not, as we are about to share with you exactly how you can still get married, virtually from your own home.

Ensure that you use a friendly online platform

We know not everyone is tech savvy these days, so it's important to pick an online platform that you can share your wedding day with your guests, that allows everyone to use easily. The last thing you want is to be helping everyone login taking up a good part of a few hours! Our two favourites are Zoom or Vimeo, both allowing you to stream your live event from your home. You can also look at purchasing a tripod to hold your phone or camera that is used to stream the event.

Pick your Celebrant

Just because you are having a virtual wedding does not mean that you cannot have someone marry you! A celebrant is the perfect option, allowing you to work with a pre-made script or totally bespoke vow's between you and your partner. We highly recommend Cass from The Storyteller Celebrant, who is currently offering a brand new service called "Minimony" ceremonies! Tailored especially for all of you wanting this intimate virtual ceremony at reduced costs.

Please note that a Celebrant led ceremony is not a legally binding marriage, please go to the website for further details.

Style your space

So now you've decided you will be having a virtual wedding ceremony, let's get all excited and work with the spaces! If you haven't already, we always recommend creating a pinterest board to give you some ideas on what style you may want for your wedding ceremony. It's worth getting in contact with your chosen florist to see if they can come along and style the area you plan to have the ceremony in. You can also look at furniture hire companies that can place a backdrop in your home or garden, to really ensure it feels like a wedding ready space.

Pick your photographer

If you are choosing to have a photographer then make sure you give them plenty of notice before your virtual wedding takes place. They can still keep in with social distancing guidelines whilst safely photographing you. It may be that you have to choose an outdoor space, but they can work with you to create the wedding photos you want.

Let your guests know

There are many websites online that allow you to create online invitations, but why not go for a simple facebook event instead? It's easy, everyone can respond in one place and most of your guests will probably have the platform. Set the date, and you're ready!

Pick your wedding dress or wedding suit

Don't worry about what you will wear on your wedding day, you can easily source wedding dresses or suits through online retailers such as ASOS or Next. There are so many ways in which you can purchase these safely and try them on. Saving you plenty of pennies along the way. Over the years, it hasn't been unusual for our couples to actually purchase their wedding outfits from high street retailers anyway, but if you want something a bit more designer, contact your local wedding boutique via email.

Photo Credits: Photo 1 - Hannah Busing Photo 2, 3 & 4 - Unsplash

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