How to keep cool, calm and collected on your Wedding Day

Hello Darlings, it's finally Friday and we are sharing how to keep cool, calm and collected on your Wedding Day. We love all of our couples we work with and even with a wedding coordinator you will have some sort of nerves as you prepare to walk down the aisle to meet your partner. We've put together some of our top ideas on how we think it's best to help those wedding day nerves.

Have a Glass of Bubbly

We all know this is the easiest way to keep cool, calm and collected on your wedding day. A small glass of bubbles will definitely take the edge off and help you to relax. Just remember to take some you time in the morning when bridal prep is happening. The easiest time to have a glass of bubbles is when you are having hair and makeup done. This will take around 2 hours so it's plenty of time to sip away!


If you haven't tried meditation before, there are plenty of apps you can use to help guide you along the way. Meditation can take a few minutes, it's just some time to think about you and take yourself away from the situation at hand. If you can't stop your mind thinking a thousand thing per hour, just use guided meditation on your wedding day for its breathing techniques. It will most definitely help to ease your worries.

Carry a Lavender Bag

Local Lavender fields will most certainly sell lavender bags, but you can also source these online. Lavender is know for its calming properties when the fragrance is in the air. Having a lavender bag with you will keep that mind at ease every time that lavender fragrance comes to your nose. If your bridal gown as pockets this is perfect place to carry your lavender bag without anyone knowing. Your guests might comment on the beautiful smell when they go in to hug you!

Relaxing Music

We all have a set of relaxing music somewhere hidden on our phones! Create a playlist before your wedding day so you can take 10 minutes to lay down, listen to your relaxing music and think of anything else other than your wedding day! Perhaps imagine your honeymoon? Or what you may be doing the following week that might be exciting for you.

Roll a Tennis Ball Under Your Feet

We know this sounds extremely odd, but trust us, it can work. How? Through acupuncture pressure points on your feet. Simply place the tennis ball under your foot and roll it along the bottom part against the floor. It will also distract your mind whilst you try to hold the tennis ball in place. The best part is everyone will be asking what you're doing, and explaining this will be a distraction on it's own!

Have Some Chocolate

Apparently chocolate is really good way to keep cool, calm and collected on your wedding day. We are all partial to a piece of chocolate though aren't we? We don't tend to be hungry on wedding day, but this piece of chocolate might do the trick not only to relax you, but to keep your energy going!

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