Groom’s 12 Month checklist

Hello Darlings! Today we are bringing you some advice for the men - we think that millennials would love to get more involved and if your man wants in on the action – then read on, we've got all the details in our Groom's 12 month checklist...

12 Months to go

Sit down together and discuss the budget together, its best to agree this early on to manage everyone’s expectations. Next discuss the style and venue type, venues can get booked up quickly in peak seasons so this will be your second tasks together.

Choose your Groomsmen (or woman!) Make sure you choose friends/family that you can rely on, remember that they are going on this journey together. They will be with you on the day of your wedding, so choose thoughtfully. Make sure that you discuss with them roles and responsibilities from the outset, ideally choose 1 usher for every 30 guests (unless of course you employ a coordinator so they can enjoy the day too)

9 Months to go

Think about and choose the entertainment for the day. Discuss this with your wife to be and ensure you get recommendations, references and hear their style/music before the day. TOP TIP; always ask if the band you are seeing/meeting – especially if you meet them at a wedding fayre – if the line up you see are the ones that will be attending on the day. We have known instances where the couples have chosen a specific band because of the singer and on the day it was a different one.

Finalise your guest list with your fiancée, ensure that you are inviting people that mean a lot to you, and that are trusted friends. We have experienced when this is not the case, people didn’t bother to turn up and of course it’s a total waste of money that you will have to pay for meals etc that are just wasted.

Book wedding insurance, so that if anything happens you are covered. It’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind.

6 Months to go

Get planning your honeymoon! This job usually sits firmly with you! Ensure that you remember all the boring details such as visa’s, jabs etc and also that it’s the start of your married life so make it special! We will do a separate blog on Honeymoons soon. If you are considering it as a surprise, just ensure that your bride to be will love it as much as you!

Transport, time to sort the transport to the venue, speak your bride about who she wants to travel with her; its usually the father of the bride and the bride but if this is not the case, ask what she will prefer. Obviously there is you as well and the grooms men/woman, and do not forget the bridesmaids!!! (Trust us, this has happened before!) Also think about how you are getting to the reception if its not in the same venue.

Check out the local area for places to stay for your guests and see if you can negotiate a deal for block bookings. You may want to add these details into the invitation.

3 Months to go

Your outfit needs to be decided now, top and tails… something more relaxed? Will you hire or buy? Bear in mind the style and colours of your wedding and ask your bride to be for a swatch so you can coordinate.

6-8 Weeks to go

Put some real thought into a gift for your bride to be, we can guarantee the more thought you put into it, the more thrilled she will be. Again, we will go into further details in another post to give you some ideas. Choose some gifts for your groomsmen, the more traditional include cufflinks and hip flasks or you could go different with football tickets or a race day experience.

Pick up the wedding rings and keep them safe!

Book your hair appointment for nearer the day.

1 Week to go

Double check all the details for suppliers and for your honeymoon. Check with your bank regarding using your card abroad, ensure all insurances are correct and cover you.

Double check your speech, do think carefully to see it its funny or offensive!

Day Before

Check in with the Groomsmen/woman to ensure everything is ready, relax and don’t get drunk. You do not want to be dealing with a hangover tomorrow.

On the Day

Do not be late and Do not be drunk, or we can assure you, your bride will not be impressed and you are likely to start the marriage in the dog house!

Enjoy the day and make sure you have some alone moments with your new bride, laugh a lot and dance the night away.

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