Concept Coordination’s Tips for The Day of Your Wedding

Hello Darlings! Happy Monday to you all. When you envisage your wedding day, you picture a perfect wedding where everything goes to plan. Sometimes however, this is not the case. We have put together a list of all of the things that need to be thought about prior to the day to ensure that all eventualities have been considered.

Morning of your Wedding Day


Ensure that you have something to eat even if you don’t feel like it.

  1. Final checks on the décor

  2. Ensure that the suppliers are arriving as and when they should

  3. Delegate to someone you trust and that will have the confidence to follow up

  4. TOP TIP: Ensure that you are sipping water and keep well hydrated, use a straw to keep makeup fresh and your dress clean

  5. Arrange who is going to attach the buttonholes

  6. Coordinate the parking and guiding guests to the pre wedding area, lots of guests will want to know where they can hang coats and where they can put gifts and cards

  7. Afternoon:

  8. If you are getting married and having your reception in two different places, ensure someone is coordinating this and that guests know where they are going.

  9. If the weather is not as planned, someone needs to coordinate the plan B

  10. Arrange someone to announce the arrival of the bride/groom


At this point you will going off to have your photographs so ensure that someone is aware and can advise the guests on where to go


Make sure you take some time for just you and your bride/groom

Evening of your Wedding Day

  1. Make sure that there is someone to guide guests to taxi’s and ensure that everyone leaves safely

  2. Depending on your venue, will someone be needed to clear down? If not on the day, the morning after.

Of course, if this is all very daunting for you, then consider hiring in the experts. For us it’s a matter of course and we have the knowledge and know-how to ensure you have the best day, with no worry. Cass is all about the detail and will make sure that everything is perfect, no napkins are out of place, the glass and cutlery sparkling. Illy is the logistics expert and will ensure that people are briefed and are where they should be at all times, whilst ensuring a strict timeline of the day is adhered to.

Get in touch! We would love to hear from you!

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