8 Creative Things do to with your wedding dress after the big day

Happy Hump Day Darlings, as we are already half way through the week, we thought we'd share with you 8 creative things to do with your wedding dress after the big day! This is always a fun debate, do you clean it, keep it, hang it up or sell it?? The list is endless and it will wholly be down to you and your new husband/wife to decide what next for THE DRESS? If you fancy doing something a bit different keep on reading...

1: Have a Photo shoot – We are deliberately not saying ‘Trash it’ as we don’t believe you need to completely ruin the dress – of course if the mood takes you then do! A shoot could consist of running along the beach, riding horseback, or in some way incorporate your new husbands/wives work……for example if he was a crafts men, or she was a chef having sassy photos in their work space. You could go all out and dye the dress a fabulous array of colours, the sky really is the limit to your creativity.

2: Organise a wedding dress ball. If you did this first, you could get 3 wears! This could be a lovely way for everyone to dress up in their gowns, men can black tie and organise some raffles/ auctions to raise some money for your favourite charity.

3: Speaking of charities, there are several that allow donations of used dresses. The ones we particularly love are the charities where they make little dresses for angel babies, babies that have gone too soon. But there are also ones for the terminally ill who wish to wed and also folk that can’t afford one. Don’t forget the charity shops as well, Oxfam and The Red Cross has dedicated wedding outlets.

4: If by chance you work in the wedding industry consider having the dress on a mannequin in your office! You could have it on a mannequin in a suitable space and make it a work of art yourself or employ the services of an artist to create a real piece of art for the wall – using all or part of the dress.

5: Make the dress into an evening dress (you could dye it) or use parts of it for clothing - Sleeves could make elegant gloves, or a little bolero. The neckline could be made into a bespoke collar or neck piece.

6: Use the material to make an heirloom christening gown for your children or grandchildren, really lovely way to keep the gown in the family and create your own traditions.

7: Make an awesome Halloween costume, a dead bride or bride of chucky! (we really want to do that!)

8: Well you could always keep it to renew your vows…be like Seal and Heidi Klum and renew them every year with a different theme!

We do hope that you have enjoyed reading about some creative ways to use your dress, of course you could always have it cleaned, boxed up and put in the loft- but where’s the fun in that???

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