101 - Why do I need a Wedding Coordinator?

Happy Monday Darlings, we hope you've had a relaxing weekend and ready to read our 101 - Why do I need a Wedding Coordinator? It's a common question that comes up with many couples, do I pay the extra for a wedding coordinator or do I save the money and get my friends and family to everything? We're giving you everything you need to know in an honest approach to wedding coordination.

Wedding Day Stress?

It's simple, do you want to be stressed on the morning of your wedding or not? With a wedding coordinator the pressure is taken completely off you as you allow someone else to take on any problems that may arise. You can simply relax, get your hair and makeup ready and get constant updates from your wedding coordinator with what's going on with your wedding.

Table Decor Setup

So let's say you don't choose to have a wedding coordinator. Firstly, IF you can get into the wedding venue the night before the wedding, you and friends or family will have to setup all the wedding tables for your day. Do you really want to be doing that? You could be out enjoying your last night with your family! You will need to estimate about 3-4 hours for table setup depending on how many tables you have. You'll need to lay linen, lay crockery, cutlery, ensure everything is straight. The florist will arrive on the day of your wedding and place floral arrangements on the table, but who is there to straighten everything if anything gets in the way? Think about all of these things, because this is exactly what you'll have to think about should you choose to not hire a wedding coordinator.

An important guest hasn't arrived, what do you do?

Well, of course if you have a wedding coordinator then we will chase that for you. You just simply give us the name of the individual (because we have all your key guests information already) and we will do the chasing so you don't have to worry. Whilst doing that we are managing your other guests that are coming into the venue ready to be seated for your ceremony. You can't possibly have your family and friends running around doing this when you want them to enjoy the day, can you?

Assigning a friend or family member to greet suppliers

So think carefully about who you assign to greet your suppliers, not only will they need to be looking out for the supplier, they will need to guide them where they need to go and ensure they are paid on the day. This means that the individual you choose cannot be enjoying their evening or drinking! The suppliers will be asking many questions, where setup is for example if it's a band, and this person will need to know the answers. If all else fails, they will simply come directly to the bride or groom to discuss everything, interrupting your evening of fun of course.


Make sure you assign a family member to grab you some food to take to your hotel or suite, because you haven't got a wedding coordinator to do that for you. Midnight will come, after the drinks are flowing, you will most definitely be hungry once all the adrenalin has come out of your system. A wedding coordinator will request a separate box to be made up by the caterer and this will be placed safely in your room for once the wedding comes to an end. If you hire us, you'll even get a room clean too!

Ultimately hiring a coordinator is a decision you need to make. A venue coordinator is very different from a wedding coordinator. We are the one's that will be there repairing your dress if anything happens, finding extra supplies for your wedding if needed! It's always what comes most important to you, do you want to not have to worry and leave everything up to us on the biggest day of your life? That choice is yours...

If you would like to enquire for a no obligation consultation, we would love to hear from you info@conceptcoordination.com.

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