101 - Where to start when Planning your own Wedding

Happy Tuesday Darlings, this morning we bring to you a 101 - Where to start when Planning your own Wedding blog post. It's the most common question that arises once your partner has proposed, you become a little lost and don't know what to do! Nobody teaches you how to plan a wedding, so let's get into it...

Create a Wedding Planning Mind Map

First things first, get a pencil and paper and let's create a mind map. It takes your back to school doesn't it? So much fun! We find it's the best way to explore ideas and really get down on paper what ideas may be whizzing around in your head. It's always a challenge when thinking about where to start when planning your own wedding, so start with this option and it will be the basis for where you begin.

What type of ceremony will you want?

We recommend this as your first point because this determines what type of venue you will be looking at. If you are going down the religious ceremony route, you will be getting married in a religious structure, where you will then move onto another venue for your wedding reception. If you are going down the civil ceremony you can look at venue options that can hold both your ceremony and wedding reception. Remember, they need to be registered with the council as an official wedding venue for a registrar to do this, it has to be a building/area that is covered.

Finally, if you are going down the celebrant route, then of course you can get married ANYWHERE! Yes, anywhere in the UK, in any type of building or location.

What type of venue will you want?

There are so many types of venues to choose from, from rustic to modern, to urban to traditional. We always recommend that you either decide if area or venue style is more important and work your way from that. If area is more important than simple pick your chosen area and research all of the venues in that location. If venue style is more important then instagram is a good resource to find some inspiration for what you are looking for.

Guest List

It's early stages but really you need a rough idea of how many guests you will be expecting to attend your wedding as this will determine what venues you can use. Certain venues can hold limited amounts of wedding guests due to licensing, so once your guest list is created you can choose what venues can cater for you.

Create a pinterest board

It's all about the imagery nowadays and pinterest is your perfect platform to create that vision of what wedding you might want. Get pinning and create a few different options, you will soon see how over the wedding planning process that things will start to adapt and change. We recommend a section for each part of your wedding including - wedding venue styling, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, table setting design, stationery design and guest entertainment. You will think of new options along the way, but this is always a good starting point with 101 - Where to start when Planning your own Wedding.

Once you've begun the Wedding Planning process, you may want to think about an on-the-day coordinator to help bring your stress levels down and let someone else bring your vision to life. Email us at info@conceptcoordination.com with any questions, we'd love to hear from you!


Illy & Cass

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