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Hello Darlings, Today we are going to address something called ‘Post Wedding Blues’ and yes, ‘It’s a thing’. What we want to do is make sure that you are prepared before the big day in case you experience the blues the following days after. It's perfectly normal and so easy to fall into when you've had all the excitement of the planning, the build up, then it's all over! We've got Cass writing our blog post today to share her experience with all you lovely readers...

I (Cass) am going to share with you my personal experience as it came as a such a shock! I have since then researched it and ‘Post Wedding Blues’ are more common than you think.

Post Wedding Blues - My Experience.

Together we had planned the wedding and like all couples were so excited about the big day approaching. I had dreamt of the day for so long and got goose bumps when I thought about marrying my best friend and walking down that aisle!! The day arrived and it was as magical as I had hoped, he had secretly arranged a horse and carriage, he sent me a Gucci watch with a bottle of champagne with the message ‘Don’t be late’ It was perfect.

However, when I woke the next day, I felt utterly sad. I liken it to when I was a child and felt like this on boxing day. I felt like it for the four days after as we didn’t go on our honeymoon until then. I was tearful, didn’t want to see anyone, it was awful! The fact is that we build up our wedding day and it truly is the best day so it stands to reason that you might crash in the days to follow.Naturally the wedding is all you think about, the hen do’s, the stag parties, it can be all consuming.

Another side to this is Guilt…. Why do I feel sad? I’ve just had the most amazing day!!

Post Wedding Blues - Advice to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

1: Remember that the wedding day is the BEGINNING and not the end. We give this advice to all our brides!

2: Remember WHY you are getting married, the wedding day is a celebration but it is not the marriage. That adventure is just starting! You will have spent so much time planning the wedding, so now take the time to start a new hobby, plan things to look forward to; plan your next holiday.

3: Set some goals, write them down and then plan out how to achieve them, it will give you a focus.

4: Spend lots of time together and have some date nights to relive your special day, look through the photos and remember how you felt on your day.

5: Don’t rush into big decisions such as buying a house straight away, take time to be married first. Then you know that you will have something to look forward to down the line.

6: Try some Mind Cards by LSW Mind Cards to help with lifting your mood and focusing on your general happiness post-wedding.

I hope these tips are helpful with handling post wedding blues, let us know if you have any tips to add!

If you need any additional help or advice, feel free to contact us via instagram or email info@conceptcoordination.com

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