10 Top Tips for the newly engaged

Good Morning Darlings, this weeks blog post brings you 10 top tips for the newly engaged. We understand how daunting it can be once you begin your wedding planning journey, so we wanted to give you some expert with where to start.

Congratulations! You are engaged and on cloud nine, but you have no idea where to even start on the wedding planning. It can seem overwhelming and scary, settle down with a cuppa and have a read of our top tips on where you can start planning your dream day.

1. ENJOY IT. Enjoy this very special time with your family, friends and each other. Drink the sparkles, dance the night away, have a celebratory meal, party or get together. When things have settled down a little, it’s time to get a plan together, but wedding planning should be fun, try not to forget that and remember its both of your days, so the focus is on you, try not to sweat the small stuff.

2. BUDGET. This will very much guide your plans going forward to its vital to set this from the beginning. Are you paying for it yourselves, do you have savings, are family helping? Get it all down on a spreadsheet along with some approximate costs for your suppliers. Its worth talking to each other about what you see as being the most important things about your big day. Is it the venue? The party? That way you know what to focus on. Also make a draft guest list and ensure its in line with the budget.

3. CHOOSE your wedding party. Maybe you already have a clear idea on who will be your wing woman and main man, do think carefully about this. Are they in a position to assist you? Do they know you well enough to support you through the process and calm those nerves? Choose wisely as they will be by your side for the next 12-18 months, and in your wedding pictures forever.

4, STYLE. Do you both have a very clear idea as to what sort of wedding you would like? Beach, country house, festival, outdoor ceremony, castle? Again, talk this through so you know where to start. Think of the styles you like, elegant, romantic, fun the list is endless! Do some brainstorming and come up with 5 key words and place these on a vision board along with some pictures of your style. Also think about the season in which your chosen style will work best.

5, VENUE. Once the style has been decided upon, you can begin your venue search! If you have decided on a civil ceremony, your local authority will have a list of certified venues. Alternatively, is becoming increasingly popular to do the legal bit at the registry office and then have a fun, heartfelt ceremony with a celebrant. The reason for the popularity is there are no rules! You can have a hymn if you so wish, or a rap! Your wedding party can dance down the aisle! It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the marriage.

Once you have shortlisted (don’t be tempted to go and visit hundreds as this will confuse you) I would say 3-5, then arrange a visit and a show round. Think about all the questions that you want to ask:

What time must the music stop? What is, is not included in the fee? What is your cancellation policy? Will we have exclusivity? Do we have to use the suppliers recommended by you? Can we have confetti? Can we light candles? How much is the deposit?

The list goes on………ensure its perfect for you before you commit.

6. DRESS. Once all the above has been completed, its time for the dress shopping!! Make some appointments at bridal boutiques, preferably not too far away as you will need to go back for fittings and collection. A top tip here is do not limit yourself on the styles that you try on. The amount of

times a bride has been 100% sure they want a princess style then to try on a figure hugging mermaid style and fallen in love, is astounding! Have a look through magazines but you never really know until you try it on.

A few years back now, Cass had fallen in love with a beautiful dress with lots of sparkles……..

‘I decided that when I got married that was going to be my perfect dress. Low and behold when I was looking, it was in the sale in a local boutique and I was beyond excited! The dress that I had coveted for years was to be mine! Until I tried it on. I can only describe the look as a large flump. It was truly awful. I did though find my perfect dress and it was one my bridesmaids picked out, and I honestly wouldn’t have picked it out but then I tried it on…..’

7. SUPPLIERS. Chose each of your suppliers carefully, ensure that they have availability and ask appropriate questions. Also ask to see their previous work and view any testimonials. A top tip is to also ask if they will be the actual person attending on the day. Now is also the time to consider if you will need an on the Wedding Coordinator, Be sure to book early as they can get very booked up in advance.

8. DETAILS. I adore the details of weddings, those personal touches that makes your wedding uniquely you. From the stationery to the linen ensure that each element is cohesive and in line with your vision. Top tip; your stationery is setting the scene for your guests! Ensure that its reflective of this and that the vision is aligned throughout. Try and come up with something different and memorable, or fun! A hangover kit placed in each of the rooms of your immediate wedding party, it could have a bottle of water, pain killers, and eye mask – that sort of thing! Little emergency kits in the ladies, spare tights, face spritzer. Imagine how delighted your guests will be!

9. TAKE TIME out. During the planning process its key to look after yourself and ensure that you don’t lose focus on the real meaning of the day. You’re marrying your best friend!! In times of stress a top tip is to let it go and go outside. Take in all you see, hear and feel and be grateful. Just try and see the bigger picture as I truly understand the emotions flying around, but you must remember the ‘why’ and see that this day is the beginning of that future together.

10. HIRE A COORDINATOR. Don't let yourself get stressed out on your wedding day by trying to organise everything from setting up decor to organising suppliers when they arrive. Here at Concept Coordination we do just that by being your on the day coordinator for your Sussex Wedding or Kent Wedding.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips, if you need advice or are interested in our Specialist On the Day managed Service then please go over to the contact us page or ping us an email – we would love to hear from you!

Cass & Illy

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